time for a hangover nap

i love saturdays.

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how does this clown have a tv show?

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why did no one have the sense to put 1980s Rob Lowe in a time capsule???


Why He’s Hot: 

  1. Don’t know who this hot bitch is? Well, consider your life now completed. Let me introduce you to the sexilicious Tahar Rahim, star of one of the best films in the last decade, 2009’s A Prophet.
  2. Just take a second, breathe calmly, and set your eyes on that picture. Just look at it. How can anyone resist a man in a suit – smoking? Yeah, yeah smoking is bad for you, but not one single person I know thinks that a hot guy taking a puff on one of those things isn’t sexy. Sure you could stare at that picture all day if you haven’t already fainted from his sexy exterior, but for all you ladies out there that don’t want their man just to be grooming their tousled locks every time you speak to them, Tahar is intelligent. He can speak a million fucking languages  AND he is French. That’s right, he is French. And, we all know what they say about the French…
  3. Okay, don’t worry, I am now about to bombard you with extremely pant-dropping-worthy pictures now, but let’s look past his beautifully crafted face and sweet, sweet French accent for the smallest second and get to his personality. Because, let me tell you, you can’t get anymore sweeter than this guy. He is so unbelievably shy it’s adorable. In every interview you’ll ever see him in will prove my point. The moment he speaks, you just wanna grab him and caress his sweet body to your own and never let go. You want loyalty? You got it. You know he is going to have eyes on you and only you, no messing around with any other girls – he is a keeper. He is the kind of man you’d happily let your mother (and even father) meet, but make sure you keep your mama a fair distance away from this man ‘cos she’d gladly ditch your daddy for Tahar’s fine ass.
  4. This man can act. He was nominated for a fucking BAFTA in his first film role, yes a fucking BAFTA (which was stolen by a certain someone.) and he won two fucking César awards (practically the French Oscars) for his role in A Prophet. He IS the next Robert De Niro of this generation. No joke. And we all know what a hot ass De Niro was in Taxi Driver.
  5.  Tahar may have played a bad ass king pin in A Prophet but the only crime he’ll ever commit will be not letting us see his sexy self grace our screens. Luckily for us, his next starring role is in Chinese Director Lou Ye’s film, Bitch. If you’re aware of Ye’s work, you know he likes to get his actors down and dirty. So expect some hot sex. That’s right - Hot. Sex. Too bad we have to wait ‘til next year to see that. At least Tahar entertains us with some stripping down in A Prophet.  Wait; there is a lot of stripping down. Thank god for the many, many prison shower scenes and guard searches.


there are so many times i’ve said to myself, “i really wish i thought of that first”. this is one of those times. nice one, hotguysonjudgejudy.

had my 5th year high school graduation.



don’t remember it.

Did you see the text convo between me and Aimee I posted?

hahaha the one about eating a cheesesteak off the floor? i didnt see it but aimee told me. i was dying. she was walking around with no shoes, i was hugging people i don’t know, screaming nicki minaj songs. we were….bananas.

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had my 5th year high school graduation.

don’t remember it.

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don’t curr

colin farrell with a bottle of wild turkey in his pants (sort of relevant)

happy thanksgiving.