i like this.


what a cutie. love this photo. 

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all day.

Some are better loved from a distance.

For a while, anyway. And that’s OK.

Besides, love doesn’t really know the difference.

the only good thing about glee, tbqh. 

i exist only for this tumblr


watching a documentary about similarities between apes/humans.

my mind has never been this blown.

on a scale of 1 to 10…how willing am i to watch the green hornet just for kato? things that turn me on: that chauffeur costume.


the time has come.

i’m slowly losing followers. which is reasonable, considering how infrequently i update this. if you want to unfollow, go right ahead. i don’t have the time anymore…with working full-time and doing this whole being an adult thing. i’ll probably never update. unless i’m hungover and home alone. i’ll still come around to lurk on my favorites, who shall remain nameless.

ps - i’d also like to take the time to shamelessly plug fykarimbenzema, which i still attempt to update as best i can, in case any of you care. tyfyt.

auf wiedersehen.

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